Consulting team

Become a world record holder is not easy, getting the best result in your field of interest is only the beginning, therefore, everybody has the opportunity to apply for the world record. When considering applications for submission, we ensure that each applicant and record breaker is treated equally. The Record Management Team consists of professionals from different cultural and language background and is receiving more than 800 applications per month.
Every member of our Record Management Team has been professionally trained to guarantee equal treatment for all the applications, no matter the place they come from. Our team is growing and developing in different parts of the world – UK, USA, China, Russia, Japan, etc. This allows us to be able to take part in record and challenges all over the world.
Our Record Management Team are also providing new challenge ideas for our business partners. Such cooperation allows our team to work together with business partners for making better brand products and promotion.
Of course, our Certification Agents cannot be experts in all fields. The Record Management Team has built vast network relationship – including more than 200 leading organizations.
In the Greater China Management Team, we have 4 foreign World Record Certification Agents, according to the global certification standards. The certification agents are taking part in the challenges all over the world, giving interviews to the media being the main focus of their job.