A man who watched most VR concerts within 24 hours

Certificate No. : WRC170625D


In recent years, VR technology has developed rapidly, many VR games, shopping and live streams have been launched. With the popularity and improvement of virtual reality technology, more and more industries found its advantages, with the launch of well-known game.

With the technological innovation of VR concert, fans could experience a close contact with their idol star and interact with them flawlessly. It could help them to replace the regret they feel about not be able to attend their idol’s concert. On June 25, 2017, a man named Kaoru Nagisa from Ukraine and a German guy named Werner Heisenberg watched the VR live concerts with their VR devices from 12 pm until the midday of the next day. They deeply experienced the joys that VR technology brought to them. According to these two challengers, they described the experience without a giddy response. In the 24 hours, the two challengers watched 18games from 2014 McCartney concert to the most recent concert by Chinese star Lu Han in 2016. Werner Heisenberg and Kaoru Nagisa succeeded in their challenges and became the people who watched most VR concerts within 24 hours".