The largest graffiti art district in the world

Certificate No. : WRC181218A

Graffiti is a visual font design art, which originated in the 1960s. 67 buildings built in Daqing Car Racing Town have been covered by graffiti style paintings in Heilongjiang Province, China. The total area of graffiti is 112,867.86 square meters. The floors are covered with graffiti paintings. The graffiti buildings are huge and have unique artistic flavor. Cartoon characters such as automobiles and Ottoman, as well as graffiti such as deformed English fonts, 3D realism and realistic scenes, have gorgeous colors, artistic exaggeration and strong visual impact. On May 25, 2019, after an on-site verification by the official staff of the World Record Certification Agency, Daqing Car Racing Town has been recognized as "the largest graffiti art district in the world".