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Most miniature paintings on a small paper card

No.: WRC200606N

What: 1,156 miniature paintings

Where: India

When: 1 July 2020

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy (India) painted 1,156 miniature paintings on a single paper card measuring 17 cm x 17 cm, and each miniature painting measures 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm, setting the world record for most miniature paintings ever painted on a small paper card.

Ganesh always wanted to something special in miniature/micro art. He did a study and came to know that there are few artists who have either created or broken world records by painting miniature art. In 2019 he broke India and Asia record by painting 1,095 paintings on an A4 paper card. But he wanted to challenge himself and wanted to create a masterpiece which is the finest in the world. This is the main reason for his new recording-breaking work.

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