The world's thinnest laptop

Certificate No. : WRC180106F

Most of the people nowadays thinks Apple's Macbook Air is extremely thin, so it is hard to imagine Acer's Swift 7 is almost twice as thin as the MBA with width only 8.98 mm – 1 mm thinner than its first generation Swift 7 (with width 9.98mm).

This astonishing number obtained the World Record Certification Agency's (WRCA) authentication and became “the world's thinnest laptop”. Let's have a look at Swift 7's features: There’s a seventh-generation Core i7 processor. There’s 8GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe SSD storage, has upgraded the screen from a 13.3-inch panel to a 14-inch one. There is one big change in the Swift 7 that may be enough to get more users on board, though: it has integrated 4G LTE connectivity, which is still almost oddly rare in laptops. 

As for the endurance, Swift 7 can last 10 hours. It is equipped with a fingerprint sensor for unlocking. All of these features are very appealing, but starting  price of  1,699 USD might prevent many customers from actually buying it.