About us

About world record certification agency(WRCA)

World Record Certification is based in London, England the earliest place where the world's most companies were born; place with strong cultural background and the only place in the world with the World Record Certification company. We have branches in USA, Russia, China, Japan, India, etc. We stick to the principles of fairness, notarization andopenness as a global standards for certification. Every application is taken seriously without any prejudices or bias. We hope to help people explore their potential and re-examine the world records in all fields, including research, publicity, data maintenance, education, trade, etc.

The World Record Certification focuses on promoting and accelerating development of the cultural communication, enhancing popularity of the record holder and building the core culture. The certified world records will be written in the history. World Record Certification and logo that are our unique identification had become recognized symbol of the world record.

Our know-how

We have an open market network, localization certification services to greatly reduce cost.
We have hundreds of experts and scholars from diverse fields, who back up the certification. Thanks to successfully provided certification service for numerous applicants in the pas, we have gained rich experience.
The BBC, SKY, The Guardian, The Times and other mainstream media and overseas news media have reported on a significant world record events.
We set up a world record creative incubation center to established a platform for companies and creatives through which the World Record Certification provides unique window. This world-class product entertains the public, delivers information and inspires people.

Our service

We work in the shortest possible time to complete all the certification procedures;we provide certified agents for on-site certification services, who are trying their best to meet your needs .
Right after your declaration, we are here for you to provide non-stop service to solve any possible problems you might encounter, so we can help break the world record with you. Comprehensive
We follow a diverse business model that allows you to achieve more revenue, enhance publicity, attention and maintain more advantages to win over market competition.

Six reasons for declaring the World Record Certification


Challenge yourself, prove yourself
Show your how extraordinary you are on the World Record Certification platform


Promotion of oneself, products or organization


The world's only certification body of world records will give you more authority and professional recognition.

Media attention

Increase the focus, attract the attention of the world, draw the media attention

Unique mark

Achieve personal or enterprise uniqueness with the World Record Certification the symbol of the world record


With one declaration, you win far-reaching impact and permanent benefits. World Record Certification take your record go down in history.

It is not easy to become the holder of the world record.
Get the best results in your field is only the start!