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World Record Certification Agency (WRCA)

World Record Certification Agency (WRCA) is headquartered in London, UK, where the earliest world record took place, with offices in the United States, Russia, China, Japan, India and other countries. We adhere to the principles of fairness, impartialness and openness. Every time a WRCA record title is awarded to an individual, a business, or an organisation, it represents the World Best in a specific field. Each certified record will be recorded in the Book of World Records.
We aim to help people realise their potential and to re-examine the world by certifying world records in various fields, by means of research, publicity, data maintenance, cultural heritage, achievement presentation, etc. With an emphasis on promoting and accelerating the development of the world record knowledge worldwide, we are committed to enhancing the popularity of the record breakers and building the core values. Known as an impartial and evidence-oriented brand, we have become a globally recognized authority on record breaking.

Reasons to apply for the World Record Certification

Challenge yourself, prove yourself Show your how extraordinary you are on the World Record Certification platform
Media attention
Increase the focus, attract the attention of the world, draw the media attention
Value Increasing
Promote yourself, your product, and/or your organization.
WRCA will give you a unique chance to present yourself in the professional world, adding value to your career and giving you more professional recognition.

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