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World Record Certification Limited (WRCA) is headquartered in London, UK, where the earliest world record took place, with offices in the United States, Russia, China, Japan, India and other countries. We adhere to the principles of fairness, impartialness and openness. Every time a WRCA record title is awarded to an individual, a business, or an organisation, it represents the World Best in a specific field. Each certified record will be recorded in the Book of World Records. We aim to help people realise their potential and to re-examine the world by certifying world records in various fields, by means of research, publicity, data maintenance, cultural heritage, achievement presentation, etc.

The adjudication team has relevant professional experience no less than 10,000 hours
that helps us to be accurate in determining the record-breaking achievements.

  • Quick Response

    We provide timely customer
    one-on-one service, paying much attention
    to each and every applicant.

  • Remote Verification

    We are able to verify your achievement by accepting video
    evidence as well as photographic evidence. If your record
    attempt is successfully verified, the record
    certificate will be sent to you by post.

  • Value Increasing

    Personal, product, business or
    organization promotion

  • Far-reaching Impact

    A successful record achievement will reward you
    impact and permanent benefits.
    World Record Certification take
    your record go down in history

Damir First

I've always been fascinated with Asia. After living in Japan and China for 8 years I've seen beautiful and strange things in Asia. With a PhD in anthropology, this is a wonderful opportunity to engage and celebrate diversity, and unique skils humans can practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with World Records Certification and travel far and wide in search of exotic and rare talented people.

Simona Nikolova

Hi,everyone. I’m Simona,one of World Record Certification officers. I really happy to come to China and certificate these unbelievable records with those lovely Chinese. China is a really big country which has a long history. So every record we has certificate is an amazing experience. And also make me know how amazing this country is. And I believe there are so many miracle wait us to verify. I’m really looking forward that.

Zuzana Pavlonova

The World Record Certification application shall follow certain procedures, starting from attentive investigation of the application, through careful handling each application, so that the new world record can be successfully created.one of the goals of the World Record Certification is to develop people's potential, increase the multiculturalism and communication between different cult.

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