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World's influential body contouring hospital

Where: China

No.: WRCA20200818

When: 8 September 2020

Title of the year: 2019-2020

Hong Kong Kally International Medical Group Limited has an independent health monitoring and an international life science research centre, with hundreds of experts in the field of anti-aging around the world. It has established medical ant...

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World's Influential Wonder Park

Where: China

No.: WRCA20200109

When: 9 January 2020

Title of the year: 2019-2020

Wuxi Sunac Resort, a cultural tourism zone that blends cutting-edge technology with regional features, officially opened in Wuxis Binhu district, East Chinas Jiangsu province, on June 29 2019. With a total area of 240 hectares and a total i...

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World's Influential Sports City

Where: Australia

No.: WRCA20200330

When: 30 March 2020

Title of the year: 2019-2020

Melbourne has long been regarded as Australias sporting capital due to the role it has played in the development of Australian sport, the range and quality of its sporting events and venues, and its high rates of spectatorship and participa...

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World's Influential Healthcare Services Company

Where: USA

No.: WRCA20200312

When: 12 March 2020

Title of the year: 2019-2020

After the final review by the WRCA Review and Adjudication Board, Cardinal Health, Inc. has a worldwide influence in the pharmaceutical industry. Its core products, pharmaceutical and medical products, take the lead in market in terms of th...

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