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Please read the declaration agreement carefully before you apply Declaration service agreement

WorldRecord Certification Declaration Agreement

The terms of the agreement applicable to all world record certification applicants

Please read carefully all the terms and conditions.If you have any questions or do not understand the terms, please feel free to contact us. Upon agreement of the terms outlined, you will bear the full responsibility to address any challenges after the application has been submitted.

This document will be a certified by world record companies(hereinafter "the company" or "we") and you (the applicant) agree to these conditions. The scan of this agreement, digital photos and other electronic documents shall all be legally binding.

After submitting your application, your patience is appreciated. Although we have the world record challenge prior to this agreement, your record challenge must be evaluated and authorized before additional steps can be taken. If you are not affiliated with a record challenge or record challenge activities, we will not authorize your participation. We are only responsible for the accreditation of applicant's world record attempt and ensuring that world record criteria are met. Other tax certification activities are organized by the Declaration and are of no responsibility the company.

Auxiliary Materials and Documentation

Upon receipt of our reply, you will receive:
1.The world record certification declaration form, please carefully read and complete this form.
2.Evidence request (challenge records relevant information)
you should maintain copies of all submitted challenge record documents and to guarantee the veracity of the evidence presented.
Once you have successfully passed the certification, you are now authorized to attain you World record status. No application materials will be
retuned - no exceptions. We will use your certificates (record challenges related information) and you are required to authorize the company to have full to use all information, materials, pictures and recordings related to the record challenge for our unlimited use at
no charge (including but not limited to publication of books, brochures, special video and TV, TV shows, Web sites, etc), and will protect the company from all legal disputes arisen from use of said materials.
Use of our logos and trademarks without our prior written authorization is strictly prohibited.

In the challenge process, you must comply with all relevant legal requirements.
Keep in mind that the decision to purse a world record challenge (in particular to decide whether to continue) is your full responsible. You are fully and solely responsible for all aspects of safety, related to a record challenge attempt.

By signing this agreement, you are acknowledging acceptance of the above terms and conditions and confirming that they will be strictly adhered to.


Copyright © WACA. All Rights Reserved.

The marks and other intellectual property related to the World Record Certification and the World Influence have been registered and shall not be used without written authorization. Some contents quoted, extracted or transposed from third parties are only provided for study and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. If you find any content inaccurate, please inform us immediately.